Jr. High Spree FAQs:

Q: Who are the recipients of this Sub-for-Santa campaign?
A: Jr. High Spree serves junior high-aged students in Davis School District. To qualify for assistance, students must be nominated by their school's administrator and face significant financial hardship.

Q: How many students will be served through this campaign?
A: Approximately 450 students. 

Q: How do I shop for students at a specific school in Davis School District?
A: Please email Kristen Buchi at kbuchi@dsdmail.net - she will be happy to send you a link to the school of your choice. 

Q: Can I donate money to the campaign?
A: Yes - please use our online donation portal for this campaign here.

Q: I tried to shop from a list, but there was nothing left on the list. What do I do?
A: Good news! That means other community members have purchased everything the students at that school need. You can select a different ornament to see a new list or make a cash donation.

Q: Is my donation tax deductible?
A: Yes - all donations to Davis Education Foundation can be tax deductible. Please forward your purchase receipt to Kristen Buchi at kbuchi@dsdmail.net and she will generate a donation receipt for you.   

Q: Can I shop for two schools at once?
A: No - please shop for one school at a time so all items are shipped to one address. 

Q: Where should items be shipped?
A: Please select school's "Gift Registry Address" as shipping location.