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Employee Giving

Davis Education Foundation relies on donations to fund our programming. Although the majority of our donations come from corporate partners, Davis School District employees contribute a significant amount of funding to benefit the students in our care. 

If work for the District, we invite you to partner with the Foundation by donating an amount of your choosing each pay period. Accounting has set up automatic payroll donation program for any person wishing to join the cause. You can even choose the DEF program your donation will benefit! 

Follow this link to get started:

Here you can designate an amount for automatic payroll deduction that will continue each month unless you decide to make changes to it; no need to sign up again each year. If you wish to make changes, you can do so by calling 801-402-5320. If you already signed up for Employee Giving by filling out a yellow card at a staff meeting or new teacher training, there is no need to follow the link and fill out the form again — but if you can’t remember, you can fill out the electronic form and we’ll remove the duplicate if it exists. All deductions can be viewed on your electronic paystub in Encore.

We thank those who have contributed in the past and invite all employees to invest in students through Davis Education Foundation programming. Below you will find a video describing one of our current initiatives to combat student homelessness. We hope you’ll join with us in making a difference in the life of a child.

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