Advertise with Davis School District

Commercial and non-profit entities may distribute electronic flyers to Davis School District (DSD) employees and parents through the following distribution programs:

  • DSD Ads: Distributes ads and information to employees.

  • Peach Jar: Distributes ads and information to parents.

Please note that all electronic materials promoting events, community organizations, classes, and/or other services or products must receive district approval and meet established guidelines before they can be posted, displayed, or distributed to DSD employees, parents, or students.

Important Guidelines

  • District Approval: All electronic flyers must be approved by the district prior to uploading to Peach Jar or other distribution programs.

  • Fees: Applicable fees are required for distribution. Please review the guidelines for more information on fees and the approval process.

  • No Paper Flyers: Distribution of paper flyers is not permitted on Davis School District property or to DSD students and employees.

To get started, please review the guidelines by clicking the tabs below for fee information and the approval process. If you have questions or need further assistance, contact Val Pound at email.

We look forward to helping you reach your audience within the Davis School District while maintaining compliance with district guidelines and policies.

Peach Jar Fees and Guidelines

DSD Ad Program & Application

Geographical Listing of Schools