School Fundraisers

The Foundation acts as a clearinghouse for fundraising vendors. The Foundation will prepare and post a list of fundraising vendors which have been reviewed and found to be reputable. The list will be posted and updated on this website.

School fundraising activities involving students must be with vendors that appear on this list.

Fundraising projects should be limited to the school’s attendance area unless prior approval from the school director is obtained.

Questions or concerns about this process? Contact Jodi Lunt at


Please allow 4-6 weeks for vendor approval after application is submitted.


Fundraising Policy

Fundraising Vendor Guidelines

1.     All school fundraising activities involving students must be conducted with vendors that appear on the Approved Vendor List.  No Exceptions. 

a.     All fundraising companies can apply for approval from June through October 1, 2019. 

b.     No new fundraising companies will be approved for the 2019-20 school year after October 1, 2019.

c.     Vendors will not be issued a vendor pass. As of August 15, 2019, all approved vendors will be listed on the Approved Vendor List  

2.     All fundraising money must be collected, receipted and expended through District, Foundation or school accounts in accordance with standard accounting procedures.

3.     Co-Venture Fundraising:

·      Co-Venture Companies primarily engage in trade or commerce, other than fundraising such as restaurants, car washes, grocery stores, and retail stores.

·      If you choose to work with a Co-Venture company, students/staff are not allowed to perform work that an employee would normally perform (waiting or clearing tables, washing and drying cars, working in the kitchen). Please direct questions or requests for exemptions to Risk Management for clarification.

4.     The following types of fundraisers are not allowed:

·      Third-party, crowdfunding or online fundraisers

  • Crowdfunding companies (a company that raises funds for a project or event by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. For example GoFundMe, Kickstarter and Snap Raise) may not be used for fundraising projects.        
  • An outside fundraising company cannot collect the money online and then pay or reimburse the school. 
  • A “crowdfunding” fundraiser, collecting donations through an online platform for a cause or program, is not approved or allowed.

·      Blow-up toys, mechanical bulls. See Risk Management for questions and clarifications.

·      Fireworks. Risk Management must approve any exceptions.

·      Firearms or any type of weapon

·      Alcohol or drugs

The only approved crowdfunding platform is

  • 100% of the funds donated remain with the school, club or athletic team.
  • Easy to use and track.
  • All funds are directly deposited into the school, club or team account.

5.     Fundraising for Charitable Purposes:

·      Outside charitable fundraisers involving the school in the collection of money or goods are discouraged, except in extreme cases where such activities have significant educational or humanitarian value.

·      Must be approved by the school principal and have the support of school parent organizations and community groups.

6.     General Guidelines: Please review the DSD

·      Fundraising projects should be limited to the school’s attendance area unless prior approval from the school director is obtained.

·      Fundraising campaigns cannot be for a specific individual. For example a student or staff member with an illness, death or catastrophe.

·      Elementary students will not be involved in door-to-door soliciting of any kind outside their own family members.

·      All fundraisers need to be included in the school fundraising plan.

·      All school fundraisers are subject to a district audit.



Fundraising Guildelines Video

Approved Vendor List

As You Wish
Contact: Lori Neff

Aspen Valley Fundraising
Contact: Royal Kennard -

Bear_Necessities & Pals
Contact: Christine Bake -

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah
Contact: Matthew Draper -

Contact: Court Huish -

Bountiful Mazda
Contact: Gary Fox -

Car Wash on Main
Contact: Brett Goodell -

Contact: Richard Dooley -

Chick-fil-A Farmington Station
Contact: Abbi Winslow - 801-543-9060

Chick-fil-A Layton

Community Nursing Services
Contact: Kristy Brower -

Custom Events
Contact: Laura Gallagher -

Creative Cookbook Co.
Contact: Doug Herrema -

Contact: Jeremy Nehring

Dehaan Enterprises
Contact: Joe Dehaan - / 801-631-8182

Contact: Dave and Keri Keele -

Domino's Pizza
Contact: Brandon Walsh -

Contact: Mitch Blackhurst -

EZ Fundraising
Contact: Edie Morgan - / 801-652-7263

Farm Fresh
Contact: Sarah Bailey - / 559-280-1292

Fat Boys
Contact: Jeff Young -

Fighting Brothers/Championship Martial Arts
Contact: Caleb Collier - / 801-725-1443

Flames 6 Fundraising
Contact: Mark Ibrahim - 801-580-0413

Fundraising U
Contact: Gary Esmay - / 801-244-7069

Gateway Fundraising/World's Finest Chocolate
Contact: Steve Gonger or Russ  Juillerat - / 801-560-4212

Great American Opportunities

Hales Chiropractic
Contact: Dr. Daryl Hales -

Holly Fundraising
Contact: Holly Beck - / 801-773-1973

Huntington Learning Center
Contact: Stan Bassett - / 801-825-9700

Contact: Julie Jensen - / 801-725-4254

Jamba Juice
Contact: Jeannette Swearngin - / 801-725-4739

Contact: Monica Wiseman - / 801-633-3368

Kona Ice of Syracuse
Contact: Lance Campbell -

Krispy Kreme
Contact: Haylee Maestas - / 801-497-9001

Lehi Roller Mills
Contact: Lucinda Anderson -

Little Caesar's Pizza
Contact: Annaalisa Burbidge -

Make A Wish Pottery Painting Place
Contact: Paul Quinn - 480-332-3258

Contact: Jim Reeves -

Contact: Rob Hunt -

My Gym
Contact: Jamie Dicks -

Olympus Fireworks
Contact: Theron Watson - / 801-573-5240

Otterfound LLC
Contact: Trevor Murray

Otis Spunkmeyer
Contact: Martin Giovacchini - / 801-598-1357

Next Level Fundraising
Contact: Brody Flint - / 801-721-5891

Nightmare on 13th
Contact: Gordon Kerr - / 801-558-6544

Papa Murphy's 
Contact: Casey Kauer - / 801-698-8447

Park Lane Jewelry with Sparklee Sisters
Contact: Rebekah Bernier - 801-599-8116 /

Pizza Pie Cafe
Contact: Keri Hill -

Powerhouse Fundraising
Contact: David Bruner -

Press Media Corp. 
Contact: Darren Wooden -

Contact: Randall Jay Brown -

Riverton Music
Contact: Ken Jensen - 801-773-5800

Rockin E Greenhouses
Contact: Jason King - 801-299-9990 /

Rush Funplex
Contact: Selena Ward - 801-499-7592

Sam's Club
Contact: Mandi Anderson -

School Fundraising Coach
Contact: Alan Anderson - / 801-577-1156

School Spirit Vending
Contact: Ryan Lloyd

Seven Peaks Waterpark
Contact: Derek Manning -

Spirit Cups, LLC
Contact: Myron Jefferson -

Supporting Youth
Contact: Bob Morse - 801-884-2329 /

Swire Coca-Cola
Contact: Jeff May -

Taco Time
Contact: Eric Dickson -

Utah Fundraising/Blue 7
Contact: Justin Terry -

Warehouse 22/Warehouse22
Contact: Brian Yocum - 801-382-7587 /

Wasatch Savings
Contact: James McDonald - / 801-503-0835

Western Nut Company
Contact: Kristy Powell -

World's Finest Chocolates
Contact: Steve Conger -

Zeppe's Italian Ice




Vendor Application


Third-party crowdfunding platforms are NOT allowed in Davis School District. 

As an alternative, the District created, an in-house crowdfunding site you can use for fundraisers, campaigns, and as a point-of-sale system for school events. 

Click the Instructions Below to Get Started on DSDGive!

First page of the PDF file: FundraisingEventPaymentManagementhelpdocument

Using DSDGive