Approved Food Trucks

The following is a list of Approved Food Truck Vendors from Davis County Health Department

Updated: September 18, 2019

Baby Hewy's Tubular Toast
Bandidos Tacos, LLC
Bruges Waffles & Frites
Capt lens BBQ
Chedda Burger
Clark's Malasadas, LLC
Cluck Truck
Cool Treats
Corndog Company Northern Utah
Credible Edibles LLC
Cupbop CO.
Cupbop CO.
Curry Time
Daily Rise
Dakine Grindz
Donut Kabobs
El Dorado LLC
El Nene Sammy
Eve's Snow Ribbons
Falafel Tree
Fatty Tuna
Fiore Pizza
Float On
Fry Me To The Moon #1
Fry Me To The Moon #2
Fry Me To The Moon #3
Havana Eats
Huckleberry Grill
Hungry Hawaiian
Icebert Shake Truck
Jamaica's Kitchen
Just In Ques
Kafe' Mamai
Killer Dogs
Kokonut Island Grill
Kona-Ice of Syracuse
Las Flores Authentic Mex
Last Course
Leila's Luau
Leilani's Eatery
Leroy's Cowboy Sushi
Made in Brazil
Mama - Lau
Marquesas Corndogs
Miso Yum
Monsieur Crepes
On the hook fish and chips
On the hook fish and chips
Pala Kai
Papito Moe's Puerto Rican Grub
Pizza Cone Zone
Raclette Machine
Rickle's Pie Hole
Rocky Mountain Burger Bus
Salvadorean Pupusas
Sconey Island Corp.
Sgt. Peppers Fat Burrito
Smoke A Billy BBQ & Grill
Smokin Star BBQ
SOUPendous/dba Orange Blossom
Sweeto Burrito
Tacos El Morro #149849Z
Tacos Mi Proveedor
Taste of Louisiana #1
Taste of Louisiana #2
The Corndog Company
The Crazy Taco Catering
The Daily Shave
The lost bread
The Roasted Pleaser
The Salty Pineapple
The Smokin Box Car
The Toasted Cheeser #1
The Toasted Cheeser #2
The Twisted Lemon
Thieps Eats Food Truck
Thieps Eats Food Truck
Traditions Mobile Cafe
Uruapan Catering
Waffle Love
Waffle Love
WE Ice
Wicked Good Ice Cream
World's Best Corndog
World's Best Corndogs
World's Best Corndogs #1
World's Best Corndogs #3
World's Best Corndogs #4
Yoshi's Japanese Grill
Zeppe's Italian Ice
Zeppe's Italian Ice