Scholarship Donation

Each scholarship name will link to the donation page for each individual scholarship. Please contact Kristen with any questions. 

Angel Wings

Addy Clinger Memorial

Alexandra Thomas Memorial

Always a Wildcat Scholarship

Anthony Skedros Scholarship

Arthur J Miller, II Honorary Scholarship 

Can't Stop, Won't Stop Scholarship

Clarence and Cinda Smedley Scholarship

Clearfield Class of 67' Scholarship

Clayton James Jenkins Scholarship

Coach Clay Holbrook Scholarship  

Corine Sayler "Oh, Yes You Can"

Danny Taylor Scholarship

Davis High Educator Scholarship

Dean A. Millman Scholarship

Dion J. Stephenson Scholarship

Ed & Clara Comingore

Faddis Memorial Scholarship

Joe Yanowsky

John C Parks Scholarship

Judd Kemp/Gary Poll Memorial Class of '68 Scholarship

Kim & Susan Burningham Scholarship

Kyra Sunshine Scarlet

Lakeview Hospital Scholarship

Latinos in Action

LaVon Lake Scholarship

Layton High Track Scholarship

Lesa Pace Math Scholarship

Lifetime of Learning Scholarship

Marian Storey Scholarship

Marion Bonner "Love to Learn" Scholarship

Marli Miracle Scholarship

Matthew R Simmons Memorial Scholarship

Megan Pease

Miles & Sara Logan Merit Scholarship

Mountain High Turn Around

Mountain West Veterinary Specialist Pre-Vet Med Scholarship 

Norm & Faye Hansen Golf Scholarship

Northridge High Staff Scholarship

Ortho Cup Foundation Scholarship

Parker Hedin Scholarship

Paulette Hopfenbeck Scholarship

Peregrine Smith Scholarship

Pursue STEM

Serving Others Scholarship

Seth Fraughton Memorial

Strength in Inclusion Scholarship

Tamara O. Lowe Scholarship

Tamara O. Lowe Mini Grant

Tanner Clinic Scholarship

The SFC Tracy "Dude" Stapley Scholarship

This is ME Scholarship

Thomas Hogan Scholarship

UAEF Jr. ROTC Scholarship

Verdell & Joyce Nielsen Service & Achievement Scholarship

VHS Alumni Scholarship

Violet & Donald Sayler Memorial Scholarship

Wyatt T. Mikkelsen Scholarship