Architectural rendering of the 'Teen Living Center' with modern multi-story buildings, landscaped pathways, and people intera

A Beacon of Hope for Davis County's Youth

In the heart of our community lies a hidden crisis that silently dims the potential of our future generation: Youth Homelessness. With over 1,700 students in Davis School District facing uncertain nights and the challenges of homelessness—50+ of whom are bravely navigating this journey alone—the Davis Education Foundation stands as a pillar of hope and transformation.

Our mission extends beyond awareness; we are actively breaking down the barriers that stand between these students and their dreams. The Teen Resource Centers are not just facilities; they are sanctuaries where students find warmth, security, and the tools to forge their future. Here, they can refresh with a shower, manage their laundry, focus on their studies and connect with vital resources, all within the embrace of a supportive community.

We've proudly opened doors to brighter futures at Clearfield, Northridge, Layton, Mountain High, Renaissance Academy, Woods Cross, Syracuse, and Viewmont. With Bountiful's center on the horizon and ambitious plans for Farmington and Davis Highs, our commitment to nurturing the potential of every student knows no bounds.

Join Us in Lighting the Path Forward

Your support can change the trajectory of lives. Together, we can ensure that every student in crisis finds a beacon of hope and a chance to thrive. Be part of their journey towards stability, success, and the realization of their dreams.

Watch our video "Give Hope" below to learn more about the stories these students face every day.


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